About Us
Since 1974

Wright Way Angus

  • 2010 Midland Bull
    Test Black Angus Bull ADG Winner
  • 2011 Top 5 Black Angus Bull in WDA and WDA Sire Group at Midland Bull Test
  • 2012 4th Place Finish Black Angus Bull in ADG at Midland Bull Test
  • 2013 Top Calving Ease Black Angus Bull at Treasure Bull Test
  • 2014 Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion steer at St. John Stock Show
  • 2014 Top 10 Black Angus Bull in WDA Sire Group and ADG Sire Group at Midland Bull Test
  • 2015 Top 10 Black Angus WDA and ADG Sire Group at Midland Bull Test

                    ADG: Average Daily Gain
                   WDA: Weight per Day of Age

Our History

Hello Customers and Fellow Ranchers,

We are a family that is young in the registered Angus business, but not young in the ranching business. We are hoping to establish our name as one that is synonymous with genetic quality and the ability to use our cattle and services to help other ranchers gain economic success within the Angus and commercial cattle business. We know that in order to create a quality herd you can only keep and market the best cattle; that is what we are striving to do.

Take a look through our herd and you will see that we can provide you with both bulls and cows that can add to the quality of your herd and your overall economic success.

We have a consistent and competitive herd of cattle, which includes an excellent herd sire. Seeing the calves on the ground from our herd sire over the years has shown us that he consistently throws calves that express the traits that we want in our herd. Breeding for consistency should be evident in our group of bulls that will be on display in 2018 at the Midland Bull Test. We have had past success at the Midland Bull Test, Treasure Bull Test and the inaugural Snake River Bull Test and look forward to show casing a great pen of bulls with five bulls in attendance. We believe that we can continue to showcase a quality bull that will be consistent no matter what the ranch or test is.  Breeding for consistency, with a diverse set of genetics, allows us to market the same quality traits while keeping our herd genetically diverse.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and/or comments. We are looking forward to expanding our horizons by meeting Angus growers from all around. We look forward to having you out to the ranch and would like to see yours as well. Also a warm thank you to all of our customers, past, present, and future for your confidence and support of our operation.

God Bless,
Wright Way Angus